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Dairy Goat Show Documentary!

The dairy goat is a fantastic creature! They never cease to amaze me with their adaptability, intelligence, and personality. They deserve some attention. Turkey Feather Farm wants to help promote this project. Please take a minute to watch the video.

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Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!

It’s that time of year when the Arizona desert calls to me.  I love the southwestern culture and sharing it with my daughter. This year it is Arizona’s 100th Anniversary so it made the trip a little more exciting.

We made it to the Parada del Sol Parade which for my horse crazy kid it was fantastic. I believe I had heard that there was  150 entries in the parade while not all are horse, it was a great parade to watch.

I had 3 food and beverage goals this trip. First was to collect Arizona beers for my friend Dan the Microbrew Cyclist to review, check out his site to see how he liked my picks.

The 2nd goal was to eat at the True Food Kitchen, which follows the anti-inflammatory diet by Dr. Andrew Weil. My mom, sister and I went to lunch on Valentines day at the Biltmore Fashion Park. It was fantastic, the food was excellent, the sever was knowledgable, the restaurant is open, fresh, and very clean.  I could rave about it for hours and can’t wait to go back. The Sashimi Salad was a favorite at the table, can’t wait to make it at home.

My 3rd goal was to visit Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert, AZ. I had tried to eat there a year ago and it was so busy and we didn’t have the time to wait.  They have a simple Americana style menu with burger, hot dogs, pizza, and salads. The added bonus is that the food is high quality, from fresh produce, local meats and affordable.

We loved our visit this year and can’t wait to visit again.


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