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Welcome To Turkey Feather Farm


Welcome to Turkey Feather Farm.

We are tucked away in the mountains of Williams Oregon. The name Turkey Feather Farm comes from the feathers of wild turkey living around our farm. Feathers were worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their communication with Spirit and to express their celestial wisdom. In the Native American Indian culture, feathers represented the power of the thunder gods along with the power of air and wind. The most commonly used feathers in smudging are Turkey. They are regarded as having cleansing and healing properties. So revered was the Turkey at one time in America’s his/her story that it was very nearly picked as the emblem of America.

When we started the farm we wanted to provide a healthier life for ourselves. Sustainability has always been our goal. We began with a small flock of chickens and a garden. Now we have grown into an organic farm with many animals . We strive to be responsible stewards of the land, always trying to create health and balance in the soil, the plants, the animals and the human being.

"Halloween Surprise"

Our 1st red Dexter calf.


Author: npretti

Mom, farmer, goat milker, cowboy poetry lover, photographer, cook, lover of all things cowboy and wild west. Living on the Oregon countryside.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Turkey Feather Farm

  1. I loved your site and the information about the cattle, etc. I was referred to your site by my son Greg Lowe & wife Gail. They are eager to get the cattle and become a bit more self sustaining themselves. I raised my 4 kids in my own organic peach orchard in the hills behind Phoenix, Oregon and we had a huge garden. It was a great life. Now I am living in Mesa, AZ (near Phoenix, AZ) and have a beautiful organic garden.
    I will look forward to learning more about your place as time goes on.

    • I’m excited to see Greg & Gail get started with Dexters, they are great cattle. Thanks for complimenting our site. I lived in Scottsdale for 12yrs and a lot of my family are still in the area. We getting ready for this summers vegetable crop, I plan on planting the Three Sisters so stay tuned.

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