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Irish Dexter Cattle for Sale

Time to reduce our growing herd of Irish Dexter cattle. The Irish Dexter is a small breed of cattle that require little pasture. Excellent for meat & milk.

Registered Dexter 3yr old cow with 7mo old non-registered bull calf-$1500. Sold separately –Cow $1100 & bull calf $500.

Registered Dexter red bull calf born 3/13/2011-$800 available in 2 months.

Dexter/Holstein Cross (milker) wtih heifer calf born 3/07/2011-$1400. Sold separately $900 & bull calf $600

For more details call 541-846-6246 

More pictures in the lower blog.


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Pocket full of Sunshine

Beautiful Spring Day in Williams

As the song goes ” I gotta pocket full of sunshine”.  It has been a sloppy wet spring so far, it has been wearing me down.  All the critters at Turkey Feather Farm are bathing in the sun today. There are so many outdoor chores to get done and I had a hard time deciding where to start. Hmmm, the garden…still too wet.  Mow the lawn…still to wet.  That leaves trimming goat hooves. Yippy!  The does loved the pampering and pedicures. I remember when I was pregnant how wonderful it was to have my feet pampered. I believe goat momma’s love it too.

Dexter Momma's & Babies

Even with the rainy weather our Dexter momma’s have been hard at work having beautiful calves this season. We have a very handsome bull calf from our herd queen (Brownie).  We started our herd going on 4yrs ago with a pregnant Brownie and steer. Now we have a herd of 10 which is more than we need so we will be reducing the herd. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these great cattle.

Dexter Bull Calf

Red Bull Calf