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Irish Dexter Cattle for Sale


Time to reduce our growing herd of Irish Dexter cattle. The Irish Dexter is a small breed of cattle that require little pasture. Excellent for meat & milk.

Registered Dexter 3yr old cow with 7mo old non-registered bull calf-$1500. Sold separately –Cow $1100 & bull calf $500.

Registered Dexter red bull calf born 3/13/2011-$800 available in 2 months.

Dexter/Holstein Cross (milker) wtih heifer calf born 3/07/2011-$1400. Sold separately $900 & bull calf $600

For more details call 541-846-6246 

More pictures in the lower blog.


Author: npretti

Mom, farmer, goat milker, cowboy poetry lover, photographer, cook, lover of all things cowboy and wild west. Living on the Oregon countryside.

2 thoughts on “Irish Dexter Cattle for Sale

  1. Regarding your Dexter/Holstein cross: What has her temperament been like? What size did she end up? Have you had her long enough to have some idea of her milk production?

    • Sorry Jared, for some reason I didn’t see this post. I did sell her already but I can still answer these questions. She was very friendly but a very protective momma. It was hard to tell she was a cross her size was that of a average long legged Dexter she probably weighed around 800 lbs. She milked around 2 gallons at freshening and went down to 1.25 gallons on average. Hope that answers your questions.

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