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Super Glue…Is it in your 1st aid kit?

Do you have super glue in your 1st aid kit? Maybe liquid bandage or the new spray bandage? I have to tell you I will never be without it again.

Monday night I went out to milk my goats only to find my beautiful 2yr old doe Sunday with one soggy milk drenched teat. I was horrified, I knew instantly that this wound could be the end of her milking career. She was bouncing around like a school girl acting like nothing had happened.

Once I regained my composure we put her on the milk stand for closer inspection. At that point it was hard to gauge the damage we could see a vertical “v” shaped wound a couple of inches long.

Fast forward to the next morning. I had contacted my veterinarian and he was going to meet me first thing in the morning. To my surprise when I went to check on Sunday her udder had filled back up and she wasn’t leaking milk from the injury. After inspection from the veterinarian he decided the best course of action was no stitches instead the medical version of Super Glue.

After several days of milking below the wound and keeping the milk pressure low it appears to be healing. Today is the 8th day and I’ve re-applied the glue once. Super Glue and liquid bandage will always be in my 1st aid kit.

It was hard to get a good picture.