Strong Heart Ranch

Hogs, Honey, & Horses..and a couple Longears


! 2012 Year of the Horse for Turkey Feather Farm!

Well they are back! Horses….Mini horses and they are fun & cute. Years ago we had bought ourselves a couple horse, rode a little bit.  Then life changed we had a baby, started farming and didn’t make time for riding.

Picking hooves seem to be a favorite task.

Our 5 year old daughter wasn’t about to let that happen any longer. She’s horse crazy! It started with plastic horse, horse coloring books, horse movies and counting every horse we saw driving down the road. She just recently turned 5 and we decided to see how much she loved horses. Lessons have started and our suspicions are confirmed, she loves horses.  She’ll probably out grow them in year or two, but this a great place for her to start the ground work.

We had the opportunity to barter a cow for a mini mare/foal pair for a surprise Christmas gift. Mo and Little Jo arrived Christmas Eve and we manage to keep them hidden until the morning. That was one excited girl Christmas morning. Yesterday the weather was nice enough to saddle up Mo and go a leisurely  stroll.

I guess the next question  is “Will Mom & Dad get in the saddle again.”

Little Jo running wild.