Strong Heart Ranch

Hogs, Honey, & Horses..and a couple Longears

About Turkey Feather Farm

Welcome to Strong Heart Ranch

We are tucked away in the mountains of Williams Oregon.

When we started the farm we wanted to provide a healthier life for ourselves. Sustainability has always been our goal. We began with a small flock of chickens and a garden. Now we have grown into an organic farm with many animals . We strive to be responsible stewards of the land, always trying to create health and balance in the soil, the plants, the animals and the human being.

You can email us with any questions at


2 thoughts on “About Turkey Feather Farm

  1. Hi Nicci, love your farm site and even though I haven’t liked Kale in the past, this recipe makes me want to try it again! I’m going to look for this kind of kale and see if I can grow it. Thanks for the recipe and the video link. To good health!

  2. Ni Nicci,
    Maria suggested I contact regarding the NWODGA Conference. Please e-mail me so that I may talk to you about it! Thanks! Raz

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