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Hogs, Honey, & Horses..and a couple Longears

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You gonna eat that? Winter Browse for farm critters.

Goat Camo

Look closely and you’ll see happy goats chomping away.  These are leftovers from our corn, sunflower, and winter squash pasture.  Even though the wet spring and summer left was a challenge to grow crops, it proved beneficial in the end.

The goats, birds, chickens, turkeys and geese have been cleaning up.  Riping down corn stalks and finishing up sunflower seeds. It’s already got me thinking about next years plantings. Cornstalks seem to be the most desirable but the seed heads on the sunflowers run a close second. Maybe next year I will add amaranth and milo to the mix.


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Help me! Egg Overload

It never dawned on me why we have Easter eggs, until we became farmers. It’s because we have so many of the blasted things we decide to color and hide them around the yard.  Feast or famine with the eggs, before winter solstice you cherish everyone by spring you’re hoping for someone to show you a new recipe. Someone please send me a new egg recipe!!