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Pretti’s Old Fashioned Farmcollies

Gypsy excels at herding our Dexter cattle, it came very natural to her. She drives and circles the herd where they need to go almost as though there’s an invisible lasso around them, seldom barking. She stays very alert when I’m milking the cow and goats making sure I’m not bothered always watching my back.  She wants the livestock in their place always moving the poultry back to the coop. She has a soft, playful and nurturing side, a playmate for my daughter and letting the kittens snuggle with her. Gypsy alerts the family when someone has come in the front drive.

Gypsy’s Pedigree info

Gypsy had a healthy & big litter of pups in the summer of 2010. Nine total, very large for our small framed Gypsy.  I had a litter of pups because Gypsy is such a great  dog and I wanted a male version.  I went on the search for an Old Fashion Rough Collie. I say Old Fashioned because I wanted a healthy, smart,  gentle working rough collie with good instincts.  I found that dog in Romany’s Dandelion Wine a.k.a Dandy. I was only going to keep 1 male but our daughter fell in love with Lily who happened to be the smallest but the smartest dog in the litter. She cried and begged me not to sell Lily and I have to admit I had become attached to her too.

We decided to keep Lily and my pick of the litter JD (Jim Dandy). These two pups are a great addition to our farm pack.

Sweet, Smart & Beautiful

Lily of the Valley


Lovin’ Life.


4 thoughts on “Pretti’s Old Fashioned Farmcollies

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if you are expecting a little of puppies this year?
    Thank you,

    • Sorry I am not breeding Gypsy this year. If I can get some commitments for 2012 I will probably breed her to an English Shepherd. That would make her pups around 93% English Shepherds. Let me know if you want to be on the list for a pup and I’ll contact with details. Thank you for the inquiry.

  2. Are you planning any future litters of pups? We totally love our Kibibi (Daisy was her litter name) and were thinking about getting another pup some time soon. Nancy

    • Hi Nancy, I’m glad you love Kibbi. We love our pups too. We had Gypsy spayed a few years back so we won’t have any pups. I will let you know if we come across any pups.

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