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Dairy Goat Show Documentary!

The dairy goat is a fantastic creature! They never cease to amaze me with their adaptability, intelligence, and personality. They deserve some attention. Turkey Feather Farm wants to help promote this project. Please take a minute to watch the video.



Gathering of Goat People

Not to be confused with people who look like goats, but “goat people”. People who live and breathe dairy goats. This week we converged on Grand Rapids, Michigan for the 2011 American Dairy Goat Association Convention. It’s a long jaunt for this Oregonian but well worth it.

I get the privilege of being the coordinator of the cheese judging competition. I spend a good portion of my time preparing cheese for judging. During the judging I get the opportunity to taste all of the cheeses. This year’s Best in Show was Sunset Bay from River’s Edge Chevre Reserve Best in Show Jalapeno & Garlic Marinated Chevre from Fiore di Capra

Jalapeno & Garlic Marinated Chevre

Sunset Bay-River's Edge Chevre

Body Product Baskets

I also was able to attend a fun class on making your own body products. Mostly face masks, body scrubs, and foot soaks. Made with products most of us have in our kitchen along with goat milk and yogurt.

The best part of the ADGA Convention is all the lifetime friendships you make!

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Pocket full of Sunshine

Beautiful Spring Day in Williams

As the song goes ” I gotta pocket full of sunshine”.  It has been a sloppy wet spring so far, it has been wearing me down.  All the critters at Turkey Feather Farm are bathing in the sun today. There are so many outdoor chores to get done and I had a hard time deciding where to start. Hmmm, the garden…still too wet.  Mow the lawn…still to wet.  That leaves trimming goat hooves. Yippy!  The does loved the pampering and pedicures. I remember when I was pregnant how wonderful it was to have my feet pampered. I believe goat momma’s love it too.

Dexter Momma's & Babies

Even with the rainy weather our Dexter momma’s have been hard at work having beautiful calves this season. We have a very handsome bull calf from our herd queen (Brownie).  We started our herd going on 4yrs ago with a pregnant Brownie and steer. Now we have a herd of 10 which is more than we need so we will be reducing the herd. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of these great cattle.

Dexter Bull Calf

Red Bull Calf